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Luxury Villa For Sale in Muğla, Datça Turkey

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Datça is situated on Cnidos peninsula on the south-west of Anatolia and at the junction of Aegean and Mediterranean Sea.

The peninsula has given home to sculptor Praxiteles to achieve his masterpiece Aphrodite (Venus), to architect Sostrate for the period of his apprentice before erecting the "Beacon of Alexandria" which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, surely to historian Herodote of Bodrum (Halicarnas) to continue his historical researches, and to many other historical figures.

Datça, surrounded by numerous beaches and creeks, is an ideal place for swimming, diving and sailing.

With around 300 sunny days a year, with the windmills which symbolize refreshing northern winds during hot and dry summer, with warm and rainy winter, with typical Mediterranean climate, Datça is a marvellous place to breath an air without pollution and the ancient history of the region.

The house for sale in Datça is designed and supervised entirely during the construction period by a Swiss architect. It is constructed according to the Swiss construction rules and technics, adapted to the local requirements for the site; earthquake-safe reinforced concrete foundations, reinforced concrete structure, insulated roof with ventilation, water-proofed walls parts under the earth level, two external walls, extruded blocs and natural stone, with heat-insulation in between, insulated double-glazed windows and doors, phonically insulated floors.

The external walls of the house are of the regional stone constructed in the traditional aspect. The reinforced concrete interior structure is not visible from outside which integrates the house in its historical environment.

The garden walls are also in natural stone as the house itself. Its different traditional texture differs it from the house.

The house has (148.50+131.75+131.75) = 412.00 sqm, divided in three floors, on a land of 966 sqm.

Access to the land is provided by a gate for the pedestrians and an automatical sliding-door for the vehicles. The entry is controlled by a camera and interphone. The opening commands are functioned at distance. The surfaces of the access areas are of regional natural-stone.

The house is equiped by central heating and air-conditioning plants. Discreetly installed solar-captures provide hot-water throughout the year.

The lawns are planted with English grass, regional decorative or fruit trees and flowers, and composed by a landscape architect. A corner with BBQ and oven, covered by plants, gives the possibility for a quiet and agreeable sitting corner.

Basement Floor: 148.50 sqm

Ground floor: 131.75 sqm, wooden and tile floor

First floor: 131.75 sqm, wooden-floor

Please contact: Levent Aydemir at

Phones: +90 532 246 10 21 / +90 216 337 73 47

Features - Amenities

• Pet Friendly • Laundry Room • Balcony
• Maid's Quarters • Studio Room • Terrace
• Maid's Bathroom • Pool • Ocean View

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